Willows Farm Services

With their origins stretching back to 1962, the Willows Farm Animal Veterinary Practice has been looking after the health of farm animals for over 50 years.

Much has changed in farming over the years and the Willows Veterinary Group has always ensured that they developed to keep ahead of these changes with delivering the highest standards of care as the modern farming industry, whilst maintaining a vital personal relationship with the farmers of Cheshire and beyond.

The group now boasts 14 dedicated farm veterinarians, an industry leading UK wide training company and highly successful embryo transfer service.

We also have dedicated staff for TB testing, cattle foot trimming and freeze branding.

We have a pro-active approach to herd / flock health and work closely with our farm clients to help maximise the potential of their herd / flock and where necessary giving farmers the skills and knowledge to know when veterinary care is required.

Please take a look around our website. Each page will give you an overview of the services we provide. At the bottom of each page you will find a link taking you to a website which discusses the service in much greater detail.