Embryo Transfer

We offer a highly competitive, UK wide on-farm embryo transfer service

Established in 2005 our embryo transfer service is operated by Mark Boland. Mark has been flushing cows and implanting embryos for 27 years. Initially trained at Cambridge, Mark has been involved with training and embryo transfer in the UK, Jersey, Poland, Italy and Belize and spent 6 years with the embryo transfer team at Cogent.

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All of our on-farm programmes are set up in partnership with your own veterinary surgeon

We are able to handle,store export and import embryos and all frozen embryos are stored in our EC approved domestic and export store.

We also offer on-farm bull semen collection service and bull fertility checks throughout the UK.

Contact the office for further advice and details of our highly competitive prices and visit our website for more information.



Willows Farm Animal Veterinary Practice
267 Chester Road

Telephone – 01606 723200